Perth Outfitters Mini Golf and Boat Rentals

Address: 21 Craig Street

              Perth Ontario,

              CANADA  K7H 1X8


Tel. 613-772-1122

Toll Free. 1-855-233-2121



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Perth Outfitters

21 Craig Street

Perth, Ontario CANADA

K7H 1X8



Situated on the Tay River,

across from Last Duel Park and Campground



15 minute paddle to the Perth basin

1 1/2 hour paddle to the Beveridge Locks

(Locks enter the Rideau Lakes System)



Tel  613-772-1122

Toll free  1-855-233-2121


* Required Perth Outfitters Miniature golf and boat rentals, Perth Outfitters boat rentals and mini golf Fun at Perth Outfitters Perth Outfitters Skate Trail, Eastern Ontario


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If you can't find us, please call us at 613-772-1122

Perth Outfitters Boat Rentals and Mini Golf