Perth Outfitters Mini Golf and Boat Rentals

Address: 21 Craig Street

              Perth Ontario,

              CANADA  K7H 1X8


Tel. 613-772-1122

Toll Free. 1-855-233-2121


                                        Re-Opening Friday June 12th



                              Please read carefully and respect these COVID guidelines so that you and our awesome staff remain safe.  

                                                                   Comments and ideas are welcome and appreciated.     :)





No cash payments. Tap or contactless methods only.                          

No groups greater than 10, (2 family bubbles) as advised by the Ontario government

Please wash you hands with soap and water at the handwash station as you enter the grounds.

If you have a fever or any COVID symptom, please do not enter Perth Outfitters.                                  

Self distance between other guests and staff, thank you.

Please follow the 2m apart markers on the log cabin floor and entrance stairs.

If you prefer to bring your own paddles and life jackets, you are welcome to do so.



Due to COVID we will not be offering toilet facilities.  

*** Sorry for the inconvenience ***

Public washrooms can be found in town at the 'CRYSTAL PALACE' (Farmers' Market), the Town Hall, and some restaurants.



Staff are required to wear face masks and gloves if/when in close contact with customers and physical distancing not possible.

Staff will sanitize canoes, kayaks and SUPS with soap and water, and let air dry between each use.

Staff will sanitize paddles, putters and balls with soap and water and let air dry between each use.

Staff will sanitize pfds by immmersing/washing in soapy water and let hang dry for one full day between each use.




Paddling Info:

Sorry, no hourly rentals available during COVID.  Only half-day, days or weekly rentals available.

Choose your boat from the designated 'clean' area.

Please use the dock designated as 'clean'  for outgoing

Please use the dock designated as 'dirty'  for returning

Our kayak docks are specialized self-launching docks and most people enjoy independent launching this way.  If you need assistance,

we are most willing to assist you.

Please practice self distancing while out on the water

Please return your own canoe, kayak, SUP to the designated 'dirty' station for cleaning.


Off-site boat rentals:  

Customers are asked to load their own boats if possible.  Tie-downs are provided as part of your rental.

If you need assistance please ask a staff member.





Mini-golf info:

Self distance while on the mini-golf course.

Start times will be staggered for each group/unit.  Sign-up sheet at the entrance.

No greater than four per mini-golf group.  

Self distance within each group.  

Touch your own ball only.

Return balls and putters to log cabin and put in 'dirty' bin for cleaning.