Perth Outfitters Mini Golf and Boat Rentals

Address: 21 Craig Street

              Perth Ontario,

              CANADA  K7H 1X8

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Tel. 613-772-1122

Toll Free. 1-855-233-2121

 21 Craig Street, Perth, Ontario, CANADA.  K7H 1X8



Perth outfitters' kids camp


      Boats only (8 or more people)


            Delivery to cottages


Rent more than one boat for a WEEK, and we will deliver and pick up from your cottage for a nomimal fee.

(within a half-hour radius of Perth)  

Interested in renting boats only

Group rate per PERSON:

      Canoes:  $22/hr,   $31/half day,   $45/day

      Tandem: $22/hr,   $31/half day,   $45/day

      Kayaks:  $18/hr,   $27/half day,   $40/day  

      SUPs:     $18/hr,   $27/half day,   $40/day



 Boats plus Mini-golf (8 or more people)

Use any combination of boats, AND mini golf

Group rate per PERSON:

              $40/half day per person

              $50/full day per person

25 fun birthday party paddlers


      Shuttle service and deliveries


Although we don't routiinely do pick-up and deliveries, we can usually figure out a solution...  we do have a boat trailer for rent that will carry 10 canoes and kayaks, and sometimes (if we're not too busy)  we can free up staff for a pick up or delivery.  


Our rate is $75.00 per hour (truck, fuel, boat-rack, driver)


Ask us about paddling downstream to Beveridges Locks and arranging a ride (taxi shuttle) back.

Arrival of the kayaks Perth Outfitters Mini Golf and Boat Rentals, paddl Kayak rentals on the Tay River, Perth Ontario


          Saturday Morning Special

Paddle upstream into the Tay basin (a 15 minute paddle).  Dock at the farmer's market, the Sunflower Bakeshop, or downtown shops.  Perhaps grab a coffee by the water's edge...  No rush...  then let the gentle current DRIFT you back to Perth Outfitters - the Saturday Special allows you extra time on your hourly rental at no extra charge.


                                        Perth Outfitters Welcomes Groups of all kinds


  Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions

Perth Outfitters grounds are a fabulous rustic place for wedding photo shoots  (contact us for pricing)


Don't know what to do with your guests until the receptions starts? some boats or play mini golf with your guests - they're never forget it!


Arrive by canoe - paddle to your wedding at Stewart Park

(contact us for pricing)


Prices for boats and mini-golf same as group rates above

Wedding photos at Perth Outfitters



  Birthdays, Celebrations, Office Parties

1. Rent boats only

2. Play mini-golf only

3. Rent boats plus play mini-golf

4. Option to have catered or use our BBQs and bring your own

         (call or email for more information)

Perth Outfitters Boat Rental Mini Gol Perth Ontari Canoe groups at Perth Outfitters copy Wedding party mini-golfing at Perth Outfitters cop IMG_1362 Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.41.44 PM IMG_0497 Perth Outfitters Boat Rack