Perth Outfitters Mini Golf and Boat Rentals

Address: 21 Craig Street

              Perth Ontario,

              CANADA  K7H 1X8


Tel. 613-772-1122

Toll Free. 1-855-233-2121



The smiles, the laughter, the proud looks on faces when a camper masters their kayak, the joy of discovering nature and the outdoors, the friendships and bonds built all warm our hearts and make it all worthwhile.  It is a pleasure to offer this camp in our community.  


The Program

Campers have access to the multitude of resources that the Perth Outfitters facilty offers; 5 acres of waterfront, docks, over 100 boats, mini golf course, recreation trail, fields and woods.  Campers are out on the water every day learing fundamental kayak, canoe, and SUP skills through theory, on-shore instruction, in-water instruction, games, activities and trips up and down the Tay River.  The Tay is a safe, flatwater body of water offering an exciting variety of experiences from paddling under the fountains in the Tay Basin, to paddling through lilly pads and marshland, to locking through the locks at Beveridges locks (the Friday culmination canoe trip).

Campers also have instruction on the mini golf course; putting, ettiquete and strategies, as well as a mini golf tournament. Other activities include outdoor ping-pong, badminton, speedminton, croquet, soccer, capture the flag and other team building games. Each day is spent outside with approximately 3 hours or more on the water.  Camp runs rain or shine. Should a thunderstorm roll our way, we weather it in the summer camp shelter or the log cabin with tons of fun activities. On hot days we cool off by paddling under the fountains in the Tay Basin, swimming, jumping off of the paddle boards, and water games.    

...and past campers would be quick to point out another favourite activity; the recreation trail with the pedal go-karts and the kick-bikes!

Perth outfitters' kids camp

                   Perth Outfitters Summer Day Camp  2019





            Each child must fill out a separate on-line registration form, thanks.  (availale on-line starting in February)


            A 10% discount for multiple weeks or multiple siblings will be applied at the end of the registration form, at checkout.

            There is no HST/GSTcharged for summer camp.  Yay!



            One week: $295.00

            Subsequent weeks 10% off: $265.50



            Second or more siblings 10% off: $265.50





             Age:  7 - 12 years

                      Exceptions (younger or older) are sometimes made if the child has appropriate abilities and strength to fit the group.

                      Please phone 613-772-1133 to discuss in person.


             Times:  Monday to Friday

                         9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (arrangements for early or late pick-up available by special request)


              Location:  Perth Outfitters, 21 Craig Street, Perth, ON




    2019 Weeks:

             Week 1: July   2 - 5  (4-day week due to holiday Monday)

             Week 2: July   8 - 12

             Week 3: July   15 - 19

             Week 4: July   22 - 26

             Week 5: July   29 - Aug 2

             Week 6: Aug   6 - 9  (4-day week due to holiday Monday)

             Week 7: Aug   12 - 16

             Week 8: Aug   19 - 23

             Week 9: Aug   26 - 30





    Camp Staff

             1.Lead Camp Director/counselor with canoe/kayak certification

             2.Camp counselor with lifeguard certification

             3.Camp volunteer(Additional staff qualifications: CPR, First Aid, Criminal Record checks)






    All campers are required to wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) when near or on the water (including swimming).

    Camp rules are posted visually and reviewed daily.  

    Campers are expected to follow the rules and counsellors’ instructions closely.

    Since we spend our days outside, campers are encouraged to drink plenty of water, wear UV protective clothing,

    and bring sunscreen to apply throughout the day.




   If you have additional questions or concerns please email or phone Jeanie at 613-772-1133

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