Perth Outfitters Mini Golf and Boat Rentals

Address: 21 Craig Street

              Perth Ontario,

              CANADA  K7H 1X8


Tel. 613-772-1122

Toll Free. 1-855-233-2121


150 Spectacular Canadian Shield Lakes - Right from Perth Outfitters


"a large part of our business is renting canoes and kayaks to nearby lakes and rivers"





There are 150 lakes within a 50 mile radius of Perth!




Tie a canoe, kayak, SUP to your car, throw them in the back of your pick-up, or bring your own trailer.  


With your canoe, kayak or srand-up paddleboard rental, we provide foamies and tie-downs free of charge; we will teach you how wto tie down, and help you load your boats.  



Drive onto the grass and right up to the boat racks.  How easy is that!



Tie down, Ready, Set, Explore!

Arrival of the kayaks women-loading-canoe-on-car IMG_1361 Kayak rentals in eastern ontario IMG_4674 IMG_2736 loading rental boats at Perth Outfitters Boat rentals in Perth,, also mini golf IMG_5905 canoe rentals, Perth Outfitters fun things to do near Perth; perth outfitters Reserve Your Boat