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Perth "Major" Outfitters


Welcome School Field Trips!  

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                         Perth Outfitters School Programming


Perth Outfitters 5 acre waterfront outdoor facility offers a variety of options for your school field trips.  Choose from land and/or water-based activities, and choose 1/2 or full day time slots.  Suitable for all ages: elementary, secondary and college students.


From our experience we suggest the full day with canoes/kayaks/stand-up paddle-boards and mini golf.  If your group is large we typically divide the group in half: one group is out on the water in the morning while the other group does putting and mini golf; after lunch they switch.  


There are picnic tables for lunch break (bring your own lunch), and a log cabin  for inclement weather. In-between activities we usually have the campfire going with marshmallows, as long as it’s not too hot! (marshmallows are complimentary)  There are popsicles available for purchase ($1.00)


The ever popular 400m recreation trail for pedal go-karts and scooters is also complimentary, as are the outdoor ping pong tables, and a multitude of other games and activities.  It’s an easy, exciting, fun day for everyone including the teachers and adults!



 School programming includes qualified instruction:



               Stand-up paddle boarding


               Mini-Golf (putting)


     * 1/2 day or full day bookings also enjoy the use of the entire

        grounds at no extra charge:

               the 400m wooded trail with go-karts and kick-bikes

               the campfire with marshmallows

               the log cabin or pavilion and picnic tables

               use of the back fields (soccer or disc golf etc)

               outdoor ping-pong tables and a multitude of other games and





**** Important ****

Safety in and around water is paramount, therefore school groups planning to be out on the water must include ‘participating’ adults at the ratio below:


  Kids under 12y - at least ONE adult for every FIVE kids    

  Kids over 12y -   at least ONE adult for every SIX kids


Participating adults may include teachers, parents, friends, and/or one Perth Outfitters staff.   Participating adults are considered part of the group and receive the same discounted rate as the students.

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