Address: 21 Craig Street

              Perth Ontario,

              CANADA  K7H 1X8


Tel. 613-772-1122

Toll Free. 1-855-233-2121


Perth "Major" Outfitters

We take reservations for Half-days (mornings/afternoons),

Full Days and Weekly









       If you can stand up, you can stand-up paddleboard!



Rent on-site at Perth Outfitters, on the quiet waters of the Tay (pictured) or rent off-site for a day or a week, in singles or in multiples for the cottage (pictured below).


We also sell SUPs.  Contact us for current prices and specials.



                     SUP Rental Prices


                               $45 half day (3 hours, 9am-12 or 1pm-4pm)

                               $60 full day (9am - 5pm)

                               $300 weekly


SUPs stand up paddleboard Rentals at Perth Outfitt Sup rentals in Eastern Ontario, at Perth OUtfitters Sup rentals in Eastern Ontario, at Perth Outfitter stand up paddleboards SUPs rentals at Perth Outfitters IMG_8390 2 Best Stand up Paddleboard rentals in Eastern Ontar Stand up padlleboard SUP rentals in Eastern Ontari 2020 Rental Prices Click here for our COVID guidelines